North Puget Sound                                    
                                          Chapter History
Desperado joined Brothers-In-Arms MC in Feb of 07 and was Patched over in April 07 as a Full Patched Member.  While living on Whidbey Island and riding to Kent for every meeting and trying to ride to Tacoma in time to meet up with other Brothers for rides, Desperado soon found that he was not able to be as involved as he would have to have been. Knowing that there was the potential for a Chapter on Whidbey Island, Desperado spoke with Brother Pilot who lives in Everett, to see what he thought about helping to start a Chapter in the North. With that in mind, Desperado started looking for like minded people. At a memorial ride for a Fallen Sailor who lost his life in Iraq, Desperado met a guy that now goes by Grizzley. In September 07 Desperado and Pilot invited the Puget Sound Chapter to come up to help us kick the start of the North Puget Sound Chapter Probate period. The North Puget Sound Started with now Brothers Grizzley, Renegade, Chinook, Smak, and Brother Tatts. It was a big success, So with that November of 07 the North Puget Sound Chapter was patched over and Chartered. We have grown since then and will continue to grow.
On Jan. 08 the North Puget sound chapter probated two Honorary members into the chapter. All though they never served in the Military, our two honoraries served this chapter well and supported our Brothers and Sisters within the Club. They both have kids in the Military and or members of family that have paid the price for freedom. Our two Honoraries were selected to join our ranks due to their endless support for the members of Brothers-In-Arms MC.

Although a part of our chapter history, Throttle and Cat are no longer members of the North Puget Sound Chapter and are no longer Honorary's of the BIAMC.